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Cleaning your ship, yacht, power boat or racing boat on a regular basis is a must for preserving the beauty, integrity and value of your cherished investment. The same goes for tug boats.

Tug boats work as towing vehicles that pull or push vessels that for some reason are unable to sail by themselves. These are also used as icebreakers and salvage boats.

Like other watercrafts, a tug boat too gets grimy and damp after some trips in the water. Cleaning it from time to time is necessary to keep it:

  • Looking clean and nice
  • Dry and free from water damage
  • Smelling fresh

Hiring a professional tug boat cleaning company is best for Ellensburg, WA residents who want to maintain their vessel in prime shape. They would do well to hire Certified Cleaning Services, Inc.

We are a leading tug boat cleaning company in Ellensburg that is equipped to clean tug boats of all types and sizes.

Get Expert Tug Boat Cleaning Services for Your Ellensburg Vessel

Cleaning tug boats is a specialized job that requires specific equipment and cleaning solutions. More importantly, it calls for the services of technicians who know exactly what the job is all about.

With our tug boat cleaning company, Ellensburg residents can rest assured that they have got every required to get their tug boats cleaned thoroughly.

We take pride in our unmatched capabilities for inside-out cleaning of all kinds of tug boats in Ellensburg, including:

  • River tug boat
  • Harbor tug boat
  • Seagoing tug boat

Our tug boat cleaners can handle all big and small jobs with finesse. Whether you have a single tug boat or a fleet, we are the best people to call for tug boat cleaning in Ellensburg.

Reliable Tug Boat Cleaners Serving Ellensburg Boat Owners

Taking a casual approach to boat cleaning and maintenance is an invitation to premature boat replacement expenditure. With our tug boat cleaning company here to serve, Ellensburg tug boat owners need not take chances with their investment.

We work with trained tug boat cleaners with years of experience in the marine cleaning industry. They can be relied upon by Ellensburg tug boat owners to keep their vessel protected from the damaging effects of dirt, water and marine growth.

The various methods our experts use for cleaning tug boats in Ellensburg include:

  • Power washing
  • Hydrobalsting
  • Hydrojetting
  • Confined space cleaning

Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. is the tug boat cleaning company Ellensburg residents have trusted since 1996. Call us at 888-927-0078.

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Being out in the open waters for weeks or months on end can make cargo ships quite dirty. Maintaining a good level of cleanliness on any bulk carrier is not something that the crew members can manage on their own.

Therefore, professional cleaning services have to be hired from time to time to keep a cargo ship free of the grime it accumulates, including:

  • Sludge and sediments
  • Cargo residues
  • Mold and other contaminants

Those in need of cargo ship cleaning services in Ellensburg, WA can get in touch with Certified Cleaning Services, Inc.

Our company has a long-standing presence in the marine cleaning industry and offers comprehensive cargo ship cleaning services that clean Ellensburg vessels inside out.

Thorough Cargo Ship Cleaning in Ellensburg

Cleaning services for all cargo ships in Ellensburg cannot be the same. There are vessels of different sizes that carry different types of cargoes and sail for different lengths of time, through diverse conditions.

Knowing this, we provide highly customized services for cargo ship cleaning in Ellensburg. Ship owners can count on us for just the efficient cleaning operation their vessel needs.

Our goal is to ensure that every cargo ship that we come onboard to clean is spotless and gleaming, from bow to stern, by the time we are done with the job.

We assure a thorough clean every time by delivering specifically-designed cargo ship cleaning services for each Ellensburg vessel using:

  • Trained and diligent crew
  • Specialized cleaning equipment
  • Appropriate cleaning solutions

Proper Cleaning Improves Profitability of Cargo Ships in Ellensburg

People who own and operate cargo ships do not want their vessels to be off-hire for a long time. And, everyone that goes out to hire a bulk carrier wants a clean, well-maintained ship.

That is why getting proper and timely cargo ship cleaning services is essential for Ellensburg ship owners to enjoy healthy profitability from their vessels.

We are the experts to call for rigorous cleaning services that are crucial for helping Ellensburg cargo ships:

  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Deliver cargo safely, undamaged and uncontaminated
  • Secure employment or charters easily
  • Generate optimum revenue for the ship owner

Moreover, we work fast to ensure the least possible port turnaround time for the ships of our Ellensburg customers and get them ready within no time to receive the next cargo.

To get more details about the cargo ship cleaning services that Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. offers in the Ellensburg area, dial 888-927-0078.

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Whether gas or diesel, fuel is used in a wide range of industrial facilities in Ellensburg, WA. Industries use fuel to power trucks, trailers and heavy machinery. Because industries commonly use fuel, there is a high risk for fuel spills.

For this reason, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions for protection against spills, along with designing a plan to contain and clean fuel in case a spill occurs.

Having discovered signs of fuel contamination, it is important that a quick action is taken, which includes:

  • Identifying the nature of the fuel
  • Determining the volume of the spill
  • Assessing area affected by the spill

If you have had a spill or leak incident, Certified Cleaning Service, Inc. is ready to provide fuel spilled cleaning services in Ellensburg 24/7. Utilizing the cutting-edge equipment and methods, we deliver effective fuel cleanup services, completed on time and within budget.

24-hour Emergency Fuel Spilled Cleaning for Ellensburg

Fuel contamination, be that from a spill or leak, from a tank or line, can be a very costly and lengthy issue to resolve, making it important to seek timely fuel spilled cleaning in Ellensburg.

When a prompt response is crucial, our 24-hour emergency fuel spilled cleaning services in Ellensburg come to rescue with the right skills, expertise and equipment.

Our 24-hour emergency response teams handle unforeseen storage tank leaks, roadway spills, etc. We solve environmental problems quickly, safely and cost-effectively. We can meet your fuel cleanup needs with:

  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Emergency response trailer
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Why Choose Our Fuel Spilled Cleaning Services in Ellensburg

It should come as no surprise, but fuel is a highly flammable liquid. Fuel spills in the workplace can put health and safety of any nearby employees at risk. If a spark or flame makes its way near the spill, it could lead to a fire.

Fires caused by fuel are particularly dangerous because it is difficult to put them out. Water is not going to help much, putting the entire industrial facility in jeopardy.

That is why it is important to seek fuel spilled cleaning services in Ellensburg as soon as you suspect a spill or leak. With our HAZWOPER-trained teams, we can provide a fast response to fuel spill incidents in Ellensburg. With our emergency fuel spill cleanup services, we help to:

  • Reduce fire risk
  • Minimize risk to environment
  • Protect health & safety of people

To find out more about our fuel spilled cleaning services in Ellensburg, call Certified Cleaning Service, Inc. on 888.927.0078.

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Tug boats are special kind of marine vessels that are designed for transporting vessels that get stuck in the waters. The stalled crafts are towed or pushed by tug boats to take them to safety, to the shore.

Because of the unique nature of function that a tug boat has to perform, it is built a lot more sturdily and powerfully than other boats. However, just like any other vessel, even a tug boat needs to be cleaned periodically to:

  • Preserve its neat, impressive appearance
  • Maintain and enhance its functioning
  • Increase its reliability and longevity

If you need the services of a tug boat cleaning company in Moses Lake, WA, get in touch with Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. We can be hired for cleaning private as well as commercial tug boats.

What sets us apart from any other tug boat cleaning company in the Moses Lake region is our proven expertise and extensive experience in marine cleaning.

Tug Boat Cleaning Experts Moses Lake Residents Can Rely On

Cleaning the tug boat is hardly a DIY project for Moses Lake boat owners. Thorough cleaning calls for laborious work and can be time-consuming.

It is best that a professional tug boat cleaning company is hired by Moses Lake residents to get their boat cleaned. Our company is one of the best options they have!

We are staffed by highly competent technicians who are trained to clean tug boats and have honed their skills over years of on-the-job experience in Moses Lake and beyond.

Besides, they are sincere, ethical, hard-working and trustworthy professionals. Hiring them for tug boat cleaning in Moses Lake is an assurance for boat owners that their job would be done with:

  • Meticulous care
  • Honest commitment to quality workmanship
  • Genuine concern for their pride possession – the boat

Efficient Solutions for Cleaning Tug Boats in Moses Lake

Every boat owner would want nothing less than the most efficient cleaning solutions for his/her tug boat. That is why we are the best tug boat cleaning company to work with for Moses lake residents.

Our technicians clean the boats of every customer as efficiently as if it was their own. Moreover, our tug boat cleaning company ensures that boats of Moses Lake residents are cleaned:

  • Completely, paying keen attention to detail
  • Using safe solutions
  • With delicate handling of all components

Moses Lake residents can rely on Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. for cleaning and maintenance of their tug boats. Call 888-927-0078 to know more!

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Among the many hazards that can happen in industrial facilities in Moses Lake, WA is oil or chemical spills. These spills can endanger human health, property and the environment.

It is imperative that spill control in the Moses Lake facility is initiated as soon as possible. Equally, if not more, important is to ensure that the spill response is professional, effective and reliable.

This is where Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. comes in. We are a leading environmental and industrial cleaning company that is reputed for extending high quality services for spill control in Moses Lake.

With our vast experience in the industry, we know all that efficient spill control comes from a combination of:

  • Trained technicians
  • Well-developed spill response plans
  • The right spill containment and control equipment

Our spill control services for Moses Lake businesses include all these to ensure a lasting solution to resolve the spillage problem of our customers.

Comprehensive Spill Containment Solutions in Moses Lake

Often spill kits are used to clean up spilled solvents, hydrocarbons, organic liquids and corrosive chemicals. However, the usage of these kits presents some restrictions because of their limited capacity.

We offer spill containment services for Moses Lake businesses in need of better and more effective solution to deal with the spillage situation.

Our technicians work with wide-ranging spill containment systems to stop spilt liquids from getting into drains. The high quality products that we use for spill containment in Moses Lake facilities include:

  • Berms
  • Spill decks
  • Containment sumps
  • IBC spill pallets
  • Drum spill pallets

Depend on Us for Emergency Spill Response in Moses Lake

Time is of the essence in spill control services. The spillage tends to become worse with every passing minute; delay in spill response can cause the Moses Lake facility irreparable damage and loss.

Recognizing this, we offer 24-hour spill response in Moses Lake. We keep our emergency response teams prepared to go out for spill containment and control at a short notice.

A fleet of fully-equipped vacuum trucks is also kept ready to handle any spill emergency, day or night. Our emergency spill response across Moses Lake allows spill cleanup to be done well in time and:

  • Saves clients from potential fines
  • Prevents environment damage
  • Minimizes ill-effects of the spills

Trust Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. for quick and professional spill control and spill containment services in Moses Lake. Call 888-927-0078 to schedule services of our spill response team.

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A number of industrial processes involve working with oils, petroleum products and hydraulic fluids. As a result, the facilities in Moses Lake, WA where such processes are a matter of routine give out wastewater mixed with oily waste.

The law requires such facilities to maintain an oil/water separator to segregate grease from the wastewater that is afterwards discharged into the municipal sewers.

The separator needs periodic cleaning and maintenance to keep working efficiently. Professional oil/water separator services are hired by Moses Lake businesses to get this important job done.

Here, at Certified Cleaning Services, Inc., we offer oil/water separator services in Moses Lake as a part of our vast array of environment cleaning services.

We are a company that is commitment to utmost excellence in all its work and assure its Moses Lake clients of having their oil/water separators cleaned by technicians with:

  • Thorough training in oil/water separator tank pumping
  • Years of experience in providing oil/water separator services
  • Access to cutting-edge equipment for oil/water separator tank pumping

Benefits of Oil/Water Separator Tank Pumping in Moses Lake Facilities

Having oil/water separator tank pumping done in any Moses Lake facility is no good if it is not made an on-going process. The tank pumping is done to clean the sand, oil residues and other debris that settles down on the floor of the separator tank over time.

Calling us for timely oil/water separator tank pumping in Moses Lake facilities allows the equipment to work at optimum efficiency. Our meticulous tank pumping and cleaning:

  • Ensures proper separation of oil and water
  • Makes sure the business does not attract penalty for environmental violation
  • Enhances lifespan of the separator

Oil Water Separator Cleaning for Diverse Clientele in Moses Lake

Our oil/water separator tank pumping services are available in Moses Lake for businesses of all types and sizes. The diverse clientele that we cater to include:

  • Vehicle repair shops
  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Metal processing units
  • Fuel stations

Any business that is conscious of its legal, social and environmental responsibilities, and utilizes an oil/water separator is welcome to engage our technicians for pumping and cleaning the equipment.

We work on all big and small jobs with equal sincerity, determined to provide nothing less than the finest in oil/water separator services to every Moses Lake customer.

Get in touch with Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. to know how its superior oil/water separator services can help your Moses Lake business. Dial 888-927-0078 to talk to our technician.

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It is important to keep marine vessels in good shape, aesthetically as well as mechanically. The people of Moses Lake, WA who own a watercraft, be it for recreational  or commercial use, must make sure to get it cleaned from to time by trained professionals.

Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. is the name that is associated with high quality marine cleaning services in Moses Lake and its surrounding areas. We are equipped for cleaning all types of marine vessels, including cargo ships, tug boats, yachts and barges.

We perform comprehensive marine cleaning services on Moses Lake vessels, using a number of techniques and processes like hydroblasting, pressure washing, high-efficiency vacuum cleaning, and hydrojetting. Our goal is to give back the client a totally clean vessel after ensuring:

  • Sludge removal
  • Corrosion removal
  • Sewage removal
  • Fuel or chemical disposal
  • Medical waste disposal

Marine Cleaning Experts that Moses Lake Residents Can Trust

Regardless of the type, size or condition of the vessel we work on, our focus is on delivering the most efficient and professional marine cleaning services to the Moses Lake client.

The technicians we put on the job are proven pros and can be trusted by residents for doing meticulous and seamless work. Our crew works hard to ensure that all our projects for marine cleaning in Moses Lake get completed:

  • To meet the highest quality standards
  • Within the specified time frame and budget
  • With a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction

We also make sure that our technicians give top-priority to safety, their own as well as of the vessel, and take all due safety precautions while cleaning marine vessels in Moses Lake.

Cleaning of Vessels In Port or Dry Dock in Moses Lake

Our marine cleaning services are available in Moses Lake for vessels whether they are in port or dry dock. Cleaning of marine vessels in Moses Lake is quite an extensive job, requiring a thorough clean up of all open and confined spaces, as well as various structures and components of a vessel.

We perform a thorough job at cleaning the vessels of our customers, working on their every nook and corner, including:

  • Cargo holds and decks
  • Water ballast tanks
  • HFO tanks
  • Boilers and heat exchangers
  • Engines, funnels and casings

Think of Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. when you need high-quality, low-cost marine cleaning services in Moses Lake. Call us at 888-927-0078.

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Different businesses in Moses Lake, WA generate different types of waste, in varying amounts. Often, due to the nature of materials contained in it, waste management calls for the highest level of care and attention. Some waste materials are such that they call for urgent collection and disposal.

Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. offer hazardous waste removal and emergency waste removal services to help Moses Lake businesses manage their waste safely. We can work in any automotive or industrial facility.

Whether you call us for emergency waste removal in Moses Lake to handle a sudden oil/chemical spill or because your hazardous waste storage deadline is near, we reach you with our:

  • Emergency response team comprising HAZWOPER-trained technicians
  • Well-maintained vacuum trucks, 1000 to 5000 gallons in capacity
  • Emergency response trailer carrying required supplies and protective gear

We offer 24/7 services and ensure immediate response to meet emergency waste removal needs in Moses Lake facilities.

Hazardous Waste Removal Services in Moses Lake

It is important to get hazardous waste removal from your Moses Lake property done by an authorized and suitably-equipped company. Only then can you have the peace of mind that the waste has been collected, transported and disposed:

  • Efficiently
  • Safely
  • As per local, state and Federal regulatory guidelines

We are one of the most reliable sources for hazardous waste removal in Moses Lake. Our company is licensed for transporting hazardous waste throughout the state.

And, we have all the skills and resources required to conduct correct, incident-free hazardous waste removal and disposal.

Eco-Safe Waste Disposal in Moses Lake

Our company has established itself as one of the leaders in the environmental cleaning industry. We offer comprehensive waste removal and disposal services designed to help Moses Lake businesses stay safe and reduce their impact on the environment.

We use eco-safe processes for non-hazardous and hazardous waste removal that assure our clients of:

  • Total regulatory compliance
  • Reduced liability
  • Hassle-free waste management
  • Controlled cleanup and production costs

We employ highly knowledgeable and experienced technicians who are well-versed in the use of latest waste treatment technologies.

While handling waste, they make all possible efforts at reuse and recycling before going ahead with the use of the most suitable waste disposal options.

Our 24-hour availability for emergency waste removal and disposal further ensures that aqueous or non-aqueous waste never becomes a major liability concern for Moses Lake businesses.

Dial 888-927-0078 to schedule emergency waste removal services from Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. for your Moses Lake facility.

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Spilling of hazardous materials, whether accidentally or due to someone’s negligence, can have far-reaching adverse impact on any business in Moses Lake, WA.

Besides harming the surrounding environment, the spills can disrupt day-to-day activities at the facility and put it in trouble with the authorities.

Calling Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. for emergency environmental clean-up services is the best solution Moses Lake businesses have to minimize the impact of hazardous spills.

We are a licensed environmental cleaning company that is equipped to handle almost all emergency spill situations.

We can be counted upon for extending thoroughly professional emergency environmental clean-up services in Moses Lake. Our services are:

  • Timely
  • Delivered by vigorously trained technicians
  • In compliance with the federal, state and local regulations

Emergency Environmental Clean-Up Experts Available 24/7 in Moses Lake

A situation with hazardous spills can go from bad to worse within no time. Moreover, spill cleanup costs also tend to escalate fast.

With our emergency environmental clean-up services available 24/7, Moses Lake residents can rest easy that they can have their spills controlled, contained and cleaned up as soon as it is humanly possible. We:

  • Respond promptly to all calls
  • Dispatch environment cleaning experts to the jobsite immediately
  • Have our technicians work fast to clean up the spill before much harm is done

We have our first and secondary response teams fully-equipped and always-on-call to address environmental spills in Moses Lake with emergency cleanups.

The professionals we send for emergency environmental clean-up in Moses Lake come with 40 to 80 hours training in HAZWOPER.

Benefits of Timely and Proper Environmental Cleaning in Moses Lake

Environmental cleaning is not a job that Moses Lake businesses can take lightly, put off to later or perform in a casual manner. Delayed or improper environmental cleanup can have some truly disastrous consequences, such as:

  • Destroy the land and marine ecosystems
  • Create serious threats to human health and life
  • Get the concerned business penalized
  • Interrupt business operations

Aware business owners who recognize their obligations towards the community know that they should not shirk from calling our professionals for emergency environmental clean-up services in Moses Lake the instant need arises.

Doing so will ensure that they do not endanger the community or the environment, avoid hefty fines, maintain a good corporate image and get their business up & running soon.

For quick and effective emergency environmental clean-up services in Moses Lake, call Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. at 888-927-0078.

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Oil, chemical and fuel spills are inevitable in some industries, meaning a solution to these spills is important to avoid heavy fines and a bad reputation.

Large spills are considered as an emergency while small spills are usually handled safely by employees in that area. Spills can be caused by:

  • Punctured fuel tanks
  • Leaking or broken fuel lines
  • Tanker rollovers
  • Overfills

When timing is crucial, trust our emergency spill control services with your hazardous material spills in Moses Lake, WA. Certified Cleaning Service, Inc. can manage, contain and cleanup and dispose of your material spills in Moses Lake, safely and efficiently.

No matter how large or small the spill, it only takes a phone call to our emergency spill control services to handle the situation in Moses Lake.

24-Hour Emergency Spill Response in Moses Lake

We provide emergency spill control services in Moses Lake with round the clock dispatching teams ready to respond to industrial, and transportation related hazardous material spills.

Our highly skilled and experienced personnel along with our modern fleet of equipment can meet your emergency spill response needs in Moses Lake as fast as possible.

We provide prompt and cost-effective emergency spill control services in Moses Lake to ensure your company gets back to normal operations in no time. We can handle a wide range of material spills, including:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Gasoline
  • Oils
  • Acids
  • Caustics
  • Solvents

Why Choose Our Emergency Spill Control Services in Moses Lake?

In the event of an emergency, having reliable, efficient emergency spill response is not only important, it is a necessity.

We have the capabilities, experience and equipment to ensure hassle-free, safe spill control operation. We will reach your site as soon as possible to control and clean up hazardous material spills.

We maintain a full-stocked truck at all times for emergency spill control in Moses Lake. Our team consists of HAZWOPER- trained technicians available to offer emergency spill control services in the Moses Lake area, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our services can:

  • Address potential health risks
  • Minimize risk to the environment
  • Reduce loss and liability for our clients

Do not let hazardous material spills cause damage to the environment as well as your reputation. We respond quickly to emergency spill situations by mobilizing equipment, resources, and technicians to the site.

To find out more about emergency spill control services in the Moses Lake area, call Certified Cleaning Service, Inc. on 888.927.0078.

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