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A large number of businesses need to keep big storage containers. They must make sure to get these silos and bins cleaned regularly. This is essential basically to ensure unhampered flow of stored material and avoid spoilage of the next lot of material put into the silos.

Since 1996, Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. has been one of the foremost providers of this important silo service for businesses in Bellevue, WA. We are a prominent environmental and industrial cleaning company offering wide-ranging services to help maintain clean facilities.

Hiring us for silo cleaning services in Bellevue brings businesses all the satisfaction that comes from working with a company that:

  • Is a woman-owned and reputed for excellent service
  • Maintains a very competent workforce
  • Has invested in top-line silo and bin cleaning equipment
  • Is available 24/7 to meeting urgent silo service needs

Call us today to know more about the silo cleaning services provided by us.

Bellevue Silo Cleaning to Remove Clogs and Restore Flow

Getting silo and bin cleaning services is not an option, but a must-do. But only for facilities that do not want to have any hindrance or quality issues in their production cycle. We are sure you are one of such aware and proactive businesses!

Contact us for silo cleaning in Bellevue to maintain free flow of material out of your storage containers. Some signs that you have clogs in the containers and need our silo service are:

  • Chunks in material flowing out
  • Shorter filling cycles
  • Off-center loading

Our silo cleaning services are delivered by experienced technicians who are expert in confined space entry and clean silos thoroughly.

Bellevue Silo Service to Regain Storage Capacity

Compared to the costly huge and heavy machinery used in most facilities, silos and bins may seem to be very insignificant items of business equipment. However, taking their use lightly and ignoring proper silo maintenance can cost a business big. Industries that make use of big storage vessels would do well to hire our silo cleaning services on a regular basis.

Our superior silo service in Bellevue facilities brings many benefits for our clients. It:

  • Prevents loss of storage capacity due to residue buildups
  • Protects against raw material contamination
  • Facilitates smooth material flow to ensure unhindered production

If you too want to make optimal and safe use of your bulk containers, let us take care of your silo service needs.

Make Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. your first call for silo cleaning services in Bellevue. Reach us at (888) 927-0078!

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Does your business belong to petrochemical, gas, mining, oil or any other such industry where large tanks are maintained to store viscous material? If yes, then you simply cannot do without the services of professionals who specialize in oil tank sludge removal.

The storage tanks are bound to accumulate sludge over time. You will need the help of experts who provide crude oil tank cleaning services in Vancouver, WA to remove the residue and make the vessel good for future use. Handling the oil sludge removal job in-house is not really feasible as it could result in:

  • Severe injury to untrained, ill-equipped employees
  • Poor, inefficient cleaning that spoils the next cargo lot
  • Delayed cleaning that affects other business operations

Get in touch with Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. for the finest crude oil tank cleaning services in Vancouver and stay away from the above-mentioned troubles.

Oil Tank Cleaning In Vancouver Is A Dirty Job! Allow Us To Do The Work!

Oil sludge removal and tank cleaning is not as easy as it sounds. Difficulties come not just from the huge size of typical oil tanks, but more from the filth that tends to line the bottom and walls of these containers.

Oil sludge removal from the tanks involves handling things such as:

  • Dirt and grime
  • Corrosive materials
  • Inflammable substances
  • Waxy oil residue

Thankfully, we are here to do crude oil tank cleaning in Vancouver facilities and spare them this dirty work! We have well-trained men and state-of-the-art machines to perform oil sludge removal. Our clients can depend on us for extremely thorough crude oil tank cleaning services.

What Exactly Does The Oil Sludge Removal Process Entail In Vancouver?

We offer highly customized crude oil tank cleaning services to all our clients. The job is handled by skilled, seasoned professionals who plan out the process for oil sludge removal in Vancouver facility they work in after considering the:

  • Size of the tank to be cleaned
  • Viscosity of the sludge to be removed
  • Potential safety hazards on the jobsite

Our technicians use sophisticated processes like water blasting, chemical cleaning, vacuum suction, steam cleaning, etc. to dislodge the hardest of residue and ensure complete oil sludge removal. They also make sure that the removed sludge is transported safely to a suitable disposal site.

Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. is the oil sludge removal expert to hire in the Vancouver area. Dial (888) 927-0078 to schedule our crude oil tank cleaning services.

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