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Vacuum Trucks

There is a huge demand for vacuum truck services in Olympia, WA from different types of industrial facilities. Petroleum companies, chemical plants, large automotive facilities, ports & harbors and many other industrial units as well as organizations often experience the need for a vacuum truck.

It may be required for several purposes, such as:

  • Transporting hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Oil spill cleanups
  • Sump pumping
  • Oil/water separator tank pumping
  • Storm water management

Since 1996, Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. has been providing vacuum truck services in Olympia, catering to all sorts of routine and emergency requirements. Right from its founding, our business has adopted high quality standards and strived hard to maintain them in every big and small project.

The hard work and commitment has made us one of the most trusted sources for quick, efficient, professional, eco-safe and affordable vacuum truck services in the Olympia area.

Vac Truck for Safe Transportation of Hazardous Materials in Olympia

Transportation and disposal of hazardous waste is one of the prominent jobs for which our vacuum trucks are pressed into service in Olympia. We go all out to deliver high precision   vacuum truck services and transport all types of hazardous material safely, in an incident-free manner.

We maintain a fleet of vacuum trucks that are:

  • Sturdily-built and reliable
  • Clean and well-maintained
  • Ranging in capacities of 1000 to 5000 gallons

All the trucks get regular maintenance services and are manned by highly skilled drivers and technicians. With our vacuum trucks, Olympia businesses can rest assured of having their hazardous products or waste carried securely, with leak-proof sealing.

Vacuum Trucks for Emergency Spill Cleanup in Olympia

We also offer our vacuum trucks in Olympia for emergency spill cleanups. Oil or chemical spill can be extremely hazardous for all life – human, animal, plant and marine. It can lead to grave ecological imbalances and environmental damage. The worst part is that the damage from spills increases at a rapid pace.

Our company does its best to limit the impact of spills by offering 24/7 vacuum truck services. We dispatch our emergency response teams and vacuum trucks to Olympia for oil/chemical spill cleanup within no time of receiving a call.

The HAZWOPER training of our technicians and powerful suction capability of our vacuum trucks assure Olympia residents that the spill cleanup is done:

  • Fast
  • Thoroughly
  • Safely

Looking for dependable vacuum truck services in the Olympia area? Call Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. at 888-927-0078.

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Vacuum trucks are designed for industrial applications in Ellensburg, WA. They are suitable for handling hazardous and non-hazardous materials, such as:

  • Liquids
  • Grease
  • Oils
  • Fuels
  • Sludge
  • Chemicals

These trucks have a powerful vacuum pump which allows easy processing and transportation of liquids or solids in large quantities, helping users save time and money.

Certified Cleaning Service, Inc offers state-of-the-art vacuum truck services in Ellensburg combined with a team of trained personnel committed to ensuring the highest professional and safety standards.

Why Choose Our Vacuum Truck Services in Ellensburg?

We understand that overflowing tanks and underground storage systems can cause a great deal of damage to your company. To prevent that from happening, we provide both scheduled and emergency vacuum truck services in Ellensburg.

We operate one of the most diverse fleet of vacuum trucks in the Ellensburg area. Our trucks are thorough inspected and serviced to ensure safe and efficient services. We can effectively remove a range of materials from tanks, vessels, sewers and drains. Our vacuum truck services are also used for:

  • Oil/Water Separator Cleaning
  • Cleaning Sumps
  • Drum Vacuuming
  • Emergency Spill Response Cleanup
  • General Plant Cleaning
  • Storm Drain Cleanouts

Benefits of Vacuum Trucks in Ellensburg

What others might see as a truck with an industrial vacuum attached, vacuum trucks are actually a crucial piece of equipment that help saving the environment as well as human lives. Vacuum trucks are used to suck up hazardous spills involving oil, fuel and kerosene.

We have built a reputation for providing quality environmental cleaning services in Ellensburg and our vacuum truck services are no exception.

We keep our vacuum trucks in top condition so that our Ellensburg clients get the service they need, on time and within budget.

Our operators are well trained and equipped to collect and transport hazardous and non-hazardous materials for a wide range of industries and applications.

We are available 24/7 with our vacuum trucks in Ellensburg, ready to respond to oil spills and emergency situations. With years of experience in the environmental cleaning industry, we know how to get the work done right, the first time. Some features of our vacuum trucks include:

  • Easy control
  • Large suction force
  • Solid construction

To find out more about our vacuum truck services in the Ellensburg area, feel free to give Certified Cleaning Service, Inc a call on 888.927.0078.

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