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For cargo ship cleaning services in Tacoma or Seattle, call 888.927.0078. Cleaning a cargo ship requires expertise and experience that many times companies don’t have internally. It requires proper equipment and trained technicians who know how to clean it properly and precisely. Sometimes with spending days or even months at sea, cargo ships need effective cleaning to prevent the spread of harmful pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and mold from the sea or moisture. For these reasons, it is essential to work with a company that has experience.

A deep cleaning of a cargo ship prevents the outbreak and spread of hazardous diseases due to the harmful bacteria and debris. Additionally, cleaning is also an important part of the maintenance of cargo ships. If a cargo ship is cleaned right, then certainly it will stay in the best condition for a long time and you do not require spending extra money on its maintenance.

Certified Cleaning Services Inc. understands this concern and the expert technicians of the company remove all corrosion, residue and sludge present in the ship.

Marine Cargo Ship Cleaning for Tacoma and Seattle

The process of cargo ship cleaning must be executed by professionals of a genuine cleaning company. Many times conduits and ducts become blocked with germs, debris, and microscopic airborne particles and it results in potentially unhealthy and potentially dangerous conditions on cargo ships. So, it becomes very essential to clean it properly, which is only done by fully skilled and certified technicians.

The technicians of a reputable company like Certified Cleaning Services Inc. are skilled and experienced in cleaning parts of cargo ships, effectively and efficiently. They are well-versed in action restoration of ships that includes cleaning, scrutinizing, and decontamination with sanitation equipment and state-of-the-art cleaning.

Effective Services of Marine Cargo Ship Cleaning

Cargo ship cleaning is an important process to undertake. Hence, it is important to hire services of a reputable company that will help you in the entire process of cleaning cargo ships.

The comprehensive support and sanitation services of cargo cleaning services include –

  • HVAC and Duct cleaning
  • Extraction and Galley Hood duct cleaning
  • Mold remediation
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Elimination of smoke and odor
  • Surface decontamination and interior sanitation

By hiring an authentic company like Certified Cleaning Services Inc. you can rest assured about the cleaning of cargo ships and offer it a long life without breaking your banks.

For information regarding all of the services that Certified Cleaning Services offers, call  888.927.0078





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For fuel spilled clean up emergency response in Tacoma, call 253.343.5777. Many times fuel spills, no matter how hard you try to prevent it. Spilling of fuel is an emergency and it requires aid instantly to avoid any cataclysm. Generally, fuel releases from punctured fuel tanks, vehicle tanks, over fills, tanker rollovers, broken or leaking fuel lines, or hydraulic line breaks.

As fuel is inflammable, it can lead to an explosion also. In order to prevent this catastrophe, seeking assistance of a genuine cleaning company like Certified Cleaning Services Inc. is crucial. The expertise of the company helps in defusing the situation by providing effective fuel clean up solutions.

Whether the fuel spilled accident occurred in a pipeline, industrial location or during a regular refueling in Tacoma, the clean up services of Certified Cleaning Services Inc. provides instant clean up efficiently.

Benefits of Attaining Fuel Spill Services

Clean up of spilled fuel become very vital, because if it is not done, it could lead to many devastating results. Many people of Tacoma use the services of a professional clean up company like Certified Cleaning Services Inc. because of the ample benefits.

The expert technicians effectively clean all fuel spilled, without leaving any stain, residue, or odor behind. They also make use of such cleaning products and equipments that are 100% environmental friendly and absorb non-toxic chemicals easily, without causing any harm to anyone.

It also turns cleaning up a nasty spill into a simple process. The equipments they use can absorb gas spills, automotive fluid spills, grease spills, alcoholic beverages, and all chemical spills effectively.

Effective Way of Fuel Spill Cleanup

Whether the fuel spill is minor or major, it is important that the cleaning services you are attaining are prompt and effective. If the fuel leaks or is spilled on any surface like a parking lot or a road, then it is recommended to place an incline near the closest storm drain and dike the drain to avert fluids from inflowing.

After this, you can put down absorbent on the spill area. You can make your task easier by attaining services of an authentic and experienced cleaning company like Certified Cleaning Services Inc. The experts of this company will clean up all the fuel appropriately, without leaving any foul smell of fuel behind.

To reach Certified Cleaning Services, call 888.927.0078

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Tug Boat Cleaning Services

May 28, 2013 by

For tug boat cleaning services in Seattle, call 206.457.2528. If you are the owner or a manager of a tug boat, then you will know that cleaning and maintaining a tug boat is quite a task. The best way to ensure that is cleaned properly is to hire a regular cleaning service that makes sure your tug boat is in the best possible condition.

Tug boat cleaning services are necessary to keep the boat in the best possible condition. Within the umbrella of tug boat cleaning, a number of other services are available to:

  • Tank cleaning
  • Hydroblasting
  • Hydrojetting
  • Removal of corroded substances
  • Cleaning of confined spaces

These services are necessary to ensure the smooth running of any sea going vessel.

Keep Your Tug Boats Fit With Professional Help

A vessel that faces the rough waves of the sea is definitely going to feel a lot of wear and tear. With quality tug boat cleaning services from Certified Cleaning Services Inc., you can ensure that your vessel will be in the best of shape with all the sludge, corrosion and residues being removed from it.

With a highly trained and experienced workforce of technicians and the necessary equipment to carry out the work, this is the best option for those who want to make the most difficult cleaning job much easier.

Often while cleaning the material that forms under and around the boat, one sees that it is quite hazardous for inexperienced people. Therefore, the best thing one can do is to hire companies that specialize in this type of work and use their experience, expertise and equipment to get the best results.

The Best Services to Keep Your Tug Boat Clean

Certified Cleaning Services Inc. is not considered the best option for no reason. With over 16 long years of experience in the field they are very capable of handling the most difficult of build-ups. Their tug boat cleaning services adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that the best quality work takes place.

They ensure that all the work is taken care of and the work that you end up with is of the finest quality. For the best tug boat cleaning services, contact us and you will not be disappointed.

For information regarding all of the services that Certified Cleaning Services offers, call  888.927.0078

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For help protection Tacoma from the hazards of industrial plants, call 253.343.5777. What are the qualities that you are looking for in a Puget Sound industrial cleaning company?

According to Certified Cleaning Services Inc., the first thing that you should look for in such a company is its ability to protect you from the hazards that industrial plants cause. The hazards that industrial plants cause to communities are:

  • Pollution
  • Dangers of hazard leakage
  • Hazardous material unprotected

A company that is able to protect you from all these dangers is definitely a good company. Other than this, the reputation that a company has is a good indicator to the level of its dedication. By asking around you can get a good idea about the reputation of a company.

Furthermore, a company that is able to provide friendly and professional services with a group of experienced staff is a company which people would like to recommend. A good customer care service should also be considered.

The Need for Protective Services

Due to the severe damage that is possible because of exposure to such chemicals, it is important to always have good certified cleaning services at hand. If prolonged exposure to such chemicals carries on, there could be severe damage to the health of the affected person.

Protect Puget Sound from Industrial Pollutants

When people ask about the foremost cleaning services in Puget Sound, the first name that comes to mind is Certified Cleaning Inc. services, which is highly focused in the cleaning of all industrial wastes and pollutants. Every technician employed is a lover of the environment and want to see it clean from all pollutants.

For all industries, cleaning services are very necessary because of the usage of fuels and other chemicals, often hazardous waste is produced. In addition to cleaning services we also provide:

  • Environmental cleaning
  • Hazardous waste removal and clean up
  • Industrial construction and manufacturing
  • Marine oil transfers and marine cleaning
  • Sump pumping and silo cleaning

We function on all seven days of the week and offer our emergency services 24 hours a day, so you do not have to worry about any industrial spills, no matter what time of the day or night it occurs.

To find out more about Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. give them a call at 206.457.2528.


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Call 206.457.2528 for spill control services in Seattle. Chemical spills are one of the major occupational hazards that workers face when handling a number of hazardous chemicals. If you own a company that deals with hazardous chemicals, then you are concerned about any spills taking place.

Professional spill control services are required because the improper clearing of the spilt chemicals can result in

  • Injuries
  • Illness
  • Fires
  • Environmental release
  • Severe property damage

Handling of these chemicals requires you to have proper training because improper handling can cause major damage to not only the handler but also the people around him. Therefore it is important that the person providing the spill control services should not only be well trained but also well equipped to handle the situation with proper safety equipment.

Carrying out Spill Control the Safe Way

Therefore, the safest way to handle this is by calling in the professionals to handle any spill be it large or small. We, at Certified Cleaning Services Inc., have a well-trained and well-equipped workforce which is experienced in handling any type of spill control service emergency.

All of our workers are the best at carrying out their work and can provide the best services to their Seattle area clients. The cleaning is carried out in the following way to ensure no damage is done to any others.

  • Use all the security equipment that is required to ensure the safety of the handlers
  • Sufficient quantities of spill control material is collected to prevent excessive spread
  • Material is stored in a place close to the spill for easy access

By this proper method of handling hazardous material, there is no chance of any damage to happen to any of the property or workers in the industry.

The Most Efficient Spill Control Services in the Port of Seattle

Certified Cleaning Services Inc. has been functional in the Port of Seattle area for many years. They have cemented their reputation as the foremost leaders in providing the best spill control services.

A legacy that has lasted many years, they function in a professional way to protect the environment and its inhabitants from the perils of spills and leakages of many hazardous materials.

To reach Certified Cleaning Services, call 888.927.0078.

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Call 253.343.5777 for oil/water separator services in Tacoma. An oil/water separator is an essential piece of machinery in almost every industry. As the name suggests, it is designed in such a way that it can easily be used to remove any oil, petroleum or other liquid fuel from water. The reason why this is needed is because many liquids can pollute the water and cause severe health problems to any people in contact with it.

Ignoring this can also lead to an adverse effect on the environment as natural life can find it hard to thrive in such circumstances. Therefore industries should constantly be checking the oil/water separators to ensure that they are in complete working condition. Regular servicing will allow you to prevent any damage to the environment.

Why have Oil/Water Separator Services?

There are many reasons as to why maintaining an oil/water separator is essential. An irregular and improper maintenance routine cannot only contaminate the water but also be very risky for the future of your business. Here are some reasons why maintenance of the equipment is necessary.

  • Maintenance ensures the longevity of the equipment
  • It keeps the surrounding safe from pollutants
  • Timely detection of damage can prevent need of costly repairs
  • High-quality equipment can identify the slightest damage
  • Regular maintenance require less time
  • Professional advice is offered by the repairers providing a third party view
  • Better functioning with lesser breakdowns

We, at Certified Cleaning Services Inc., have dedicated ourselves to providing the best and most satisfying services to our clients in Tacoma. Our highly-trained technicians, who have extensive experience in oil/water separators, are known for providing the best services in the area.

With their widespread knowledge our services are known for being prompt while being hassle free which makes it the first choice for the residents of Tacoma.

Maintenance Services for Oil/Water Separators in Tacoma

Since having regular oil/water separator maintenance can help you in improving the working of your industry or business, you should seriously consider employing the best services in the industry.

With Certified Cleaning Services Inc. you can hire the best in the industry at affordable prices. So pick up your phone today and contact us for the best services you deserve.

To reach Certified Cleaning Services, call 888.927.0078

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Call 888.927.0078 for oil spill clean-up services in Puget Sound. Oil spills, whether a can knocked over in the garage or a fuel carrier that leaked in the ocean releasing millions of gallons of oil, are dangerous both for the environment and for us as humans.

In the ocean, the oil can spread over the surface of the water and cause harm to the animals living in it. On land, the oil can seep into the agricultural land and contaminate it. Whether land or water, oil spills are dangerous and there is a great need for oil spill clean-up services.

The Need for Oil Spill Clean-up Services

Seeing the dangers that we face because of oil spills, it is necessary that we have oil spill clean up services that will reduce the effects of the oil spill and will protect us from its adverse effects. Whether drilling for oil takes place in the sea or on land, the following dangers are open to us all:

  • Spilling of oil onto the land
  • Contamination of the top fertile soil
  • Ingestion by animals
  • Contamination of water
  • Risk of burning
  • Poisonous fumes
  • Damage to the environment
  • Killing of animals
  • Other long term damages

As the effects of oil spills are often long lasting, it is necessary to find professional oil spill clean-up services which can quickly and safely carry out the cleaning without too much of damage to the environment. The better the service provider, the better the chances you have of a rapid clean-up.

The Most Efficient Oil Spill Clean-up Services in Puget Sound

Seeing the need for such services we, at Certified Cleaning Services Inc., are happy to inform you that we provide the foremost and finest oil spill clean-up services in Puget Sound. With a strong reputation for excellence for the past 16 years, we are known to provide the best services in our areas.

Not only do we provide a cost-effective cleaning option but we also provide consultancy to the clients to guide them through a particularly damaging oil spill. We provide a complete range of services that you require in the event of an oil spill and will be with you till the end to ensure that your experience with us has been a pleasant and satisfying one.

For information regarding all of the services that Certified Cleaning Services offers, call  888.927.0078.

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Call 888.927.0078 for emergency spill control services in Puget Sound. With man’s requirement of fuel for his daily needs increasing, it is important to ensure that the fuel he requires is able to reach him when he needs it. As a result, humans are transporting thousands and thousands of gallons of fuel and other hazardous material to various parts of the world.

Because of this, many times there are occurrences of liquid fuels being spilt over the sea. This causes a severe threat to the sea life and also to any humans in the vicinity. As a result emergency spill control services are quite necessary to prevent excess damage from occurring.

Turn on any nature-themed channel and you will find some show telling about how an ocean spill has destroyed thousands of miles of the sea. The quicker the reaction of the emergency spill control services, the better chance there is to reduce the amount of damage done.

Tackling Emergency Spills Professionally 

With there being severe hazards associated with spill control, it is necessary that one should be well trained to carry out the work. This is where hiring professional emergency spill control services come in handy. Companies such as Certified Cleaning Services Inc. should be hired as they provide various benefits.

  • Controlling the extent of spill to reduce damage to surroundings
  • Carrying out necessary procedures
  • Writing reports of measures used and equipment present for preventing spread
  • Training staff for such instances
  • Providing assistance in times of emergencies
  • Informing all local authorities for timely intervention

The emergency plan which is prepared is made simple and straightforward so that it can be easily carried out in an emergency situation without any glitches. This will enable you to address the problem as soon as possible.

Hire the Best Emergency Spill Control Services in Puget Sound

If you are on the lookout for emergency spill control services to protect you from any hazardous spills, then Certified Cleaning Services Inc. is the best place to come. Providing Puget Sound with reliable services for over a decade, we have been cleaning up all hazardous spills in your locality for a long time now. Our well-qualified staff is known to provide the best services.

To reach Certified Cleaning Services, call 888.927.0078.

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Call 253.343.5777 for oil/water separator services in Tacoma. Oil/water separator service serving Tacoma is essential for many industries. The equipment used for separation of oil and water are designed in such a way that they can easily remove oil, petroleum and other fluids from water.

Presence of chemicals, fluids and debris can contaminate the water system and that is why it is so essential to remove them.

Not paying attention to the need for oil water separation can lead to adverse effects on your eco system, making it difficult for the natural life to survive. Apart from being a threat for the eco system, it is also not good for the community. Timely servicing of your contaminated water with an oil water separator service can keep you and your eco system safe from any damaging impact.

Why Companies Need an Oil Water Separator Company

Maintaining your oil/water separators is essential due to many reasons. In case you are not pro active about their maintenance and timely service then they can not only cause damage to the ground water but can prove risky for your business as well, as these can lead to expensive environmental violations.

Here are some of the reasons which make the need for regular servicing of oil/water separator Tacoma clear:

• Keep your investment safe with timely service and ensure its longevity
• Ensure the safety of your eco-system by keeping the surroundings safe
• Avoid costly repairs by detecting and repairing any issues on time
• Professional technicians offer reliable services, thus ensuring your peace of mind
• Taking regular care of oil/water separator is less time consuming
• Latest equipments used by professionals are able to detect even the smallest issues

At Certified Cleaning Services Inc. we are dedicated to providing comprehensive services to our clients and ensure their complete satisfaction. Our team of highly professional technicians are aware of the various processes involved in timely maintenance and servicing of oil/water separator Tacoma, thus making it a smooth and hassle free experience for you.

Top Oil Water Separator Service in Tacoma

With our oil/water separator Tacoma services you can easily enhance the longevity of your separators. It will not only keep your investment safe, but will also help you save a lot of your efforts and time, which can be further utilized to improve your business prospects.

When it comes to keeping your business safe and water systems free from any hazards, it is essential to trust the services of professionals. We can make a schedule for the maintenance of your oil/water separator to ensure that it keeps working efficiently without any interruption.

To reach Certified Cleaning Services, call 888.927.0078.

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Call 888.927.0078 for marine cleaning services in Gig Harbor. If you own a marine vessel, then you must be aware that they require regular cleaning to maintain their condition. It is essential to keep it safe and working by removing any residue, sludge or corrosion on time. Not paying attention to its service can slowly lead to deterioration, thus affecting its efficiency.

At Certified Cleaning Services Inc., we have been serving our clients with the finest cleaning services, both industrial and environmental. A complete range of marine cleaning services is performed while the vessel is resting at the port or at the dry dock.

So, rather than waiting for some issue to take place, it is better to pay attention to the regular maintenance of your vessel.

Why Marine Cleaning is So Important • Gig Harbor

Cleaning the marine vessels thoroughly is not an easy task as the debris and other materials can be difficult to handle, due to their hazardous nature. Thus, it is essential to hire professional and experienced services, like Certified Cleaning Services Inc.  We make the use of advanced equipments and tools, in order to perform this challenging task easily and effectively.

We, give special consideration to the environment and thus utilize cleaning practices and equipment which are best suited to handle the hazardous materials. Apart from cleaning, the careful disposal of such materials is also essential.

Our experienced technician will visit your vessel and perform a thorough cleaning process to get rid of sludge, corrosion and residue. Regardless of the type, shape or size of the vessel, our team can efficiently clean it and enhance its performance and appearance.

Professional Marine Cleaning Services for Gig Harbor

At Certified Cleaning Services Inc. we have a competent team of experienced and fully trained professionals, who can perform the whole task of cleaning the vessel in a highly efficient and safe manner.

Marine cleaning is a term that involves various services, all aimed at enhancing the longevity of the vessel.

The services we offer also include:
• Marine cleaning
• Tank cleaning
• Hydro blasting
• Hydro jetting
• Removal of corrosion and sludge
• Cleaning of confined spaces

All our technicians are regularly updated and provided training from time to time, in order to enhance their skills and enable them to perform any type of cleaning job in a smooth and hassle free manner.

We keep our technicians fully trained so that they are aware of any complications that can generally arise in your vessel and provide timely solutions.

For information regarding all of the services that Certified Cleaning Services offers, call  888.927.0078

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