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Archive for February 11th, 2014

When you need oil water separator services in Tacoma, call 253.343.5777. Extensive growth observed recently in industrial field has surely benefited Port of Tacoma area, but the adverse effects that it has brought along cannot be ignored. Industries in Port of Tacoma area dispose of toxic waste generated while carrying out their work, into marine environment and landfills without considering the consequences it can lead to in future.

Certified Cleaning Services Inc. is a leading company, providing solutions to industries for protecting the environment at Port of Tacoma, one of which is oil water separator service. Oil water separator service provided by us removes the impurities from water before it is disposed of into the environment or used for further processes. Besides oil water separator service, we provide other services, including:

• Industrial cleaning

• Marine cleaning

• Sump pumping

• Environmental cleaning

• Silo cleaning

We aim at protecting the environment and assuring safety of our clients in Port of Tacoma through every job we perform at Port of Tacoma.

Protecting the environment with oil water separator at Port of Tacoma

As per MARPOL, one of the most important marine environmental conventions, polluting marine environment is an offense and doing so is considered as a violation. Still, the pollution caused to marine environment and land at Port of Tacoma due to oily waste water, combination of petroleum products and water, is increasing with industrial advancement.

It is very important to deal with this problem and oil water separator service offered by us is one of the best solutions to this problem. To comply with the law and avoid being treated as criminals, avail our oil water separator service at Port of Tacoma.

Finest oil water separator service at Port of Tacoma

Certified Cleaning Services Inc. is a prominent and recognized name, striving to deliver unmatched oil water separator service to its clients at Port of Tacoma. The oil water separator service provided by our highly skilled and experienced staff is recognized for high quality. Through our technical expertise and professionalism we assure the following:

• Round the clock service

• Dedicated support of professionals

• Consistency of service

• Advanced technologies and equipments

We are among the most preferred companies when it comes to oil water separator service at Port of Tacoma. For the most reliable and efficient oil water separator service you can call us at 253-343-5777 and we are there to provide you immediate service, whenever required.

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