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Archive for July 1st, 2015

When it comes to oil spill clean up and spill control, the residents of Ellensburg, WA have several options. However, they must not forget that all spill containment service providers are not equal.

Effective oil spill clean up in Ellensburg calls for very specific knowledge and expertise, along with specialized tools.

It is always advisable to avoid the new entrants in the field and go to experienced professionals who have made a name for providing seamless oil spill clean up services in the Ellensburg region.

Consider calling in Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. We have been the leading source for oil spill clean up in Ellensburg since 1996.

We maintain highly advanced spill containment equipment and are staffed by technicians who are:

  • Vigorously trained
  • Vastly experienced
  • Exceptionally skilled

Need for Spill Containment in Ellensburg

It is important for facilities in Ellensburg to exercise utmost caution and care while working with products like chemicals and oils.

Any negligence can lead to spills that can have far-reaching adverse effects all around, including:

  • Polluting water bodies and endangering marine life
  • Contaminating soil
  • Destroying environment
  • Jeopardizing human health

All these impacts can be kept to a minimum by hiring services for spill containment in Ellensburg.Remember that spill control and spill containment is not an option for the erring facilities, but a must.

Failure to do so is an ecological violation and can even invite penalties. Whether spills happen in your facility accidentally or due to neglect, it is your responsibility to ensure proper oil spill clean up by a reliable spill containment expert in Ellensburg like us.

Get Timely Spill Control Services in Ellensburg

With our experience, we realize that time is of the essence when it comes to oil spill clean up and spill containment. That is why we are always prepared to deliver timely services for spill control in Ellensburg.

Delay in oil spill clean up means increasing hassles and losses for the affected facilities. We cannot let that happen and, therefore:

  • Offer 24-hour services for spill control in Ellensburg
  • Have emergency spill response teams at hand to respond instantly
  • Keep service trailers equipped to be dispatched on short notice

No matter what time of the day or night the spill occurs, do not hesitate to call us for spill containment and spill control in your facility.


Call Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. for oil spill control and clean up in Ellensburg. Dial (888) 927-0078

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