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Archive for September 18th, 2015

Considering the rapid speed with which natural resources are dwindling, it is the social duty and moral obligation of everyone to contribute towards resource conservation and recycling in every possible way.

One way in which industrial facilities in Moses Lake, WA can do their bit for the cause is by investing in a water oil separator and maintaining it in top condition.

The purpose of water oil separator is treating wastewater generated at the facility to remove impurities such as:

  • Oils
  • Petroleum products
  • Hydraulic fluids

It is necessary to hire professional services for oil water separator tank pumping in Moses Lake from time to time to keep the equipment working fine.

Timely oil water separator tank pumping in Moses Lake by reliable experts ensures that the system always removes pollutants effectively from the waste water and disposes them properly.

Thus, regular oil water separator tank pumping helps Moses Lake facilities meet their environmental obligations satisfactorily.

Get Water Oil Separator Tank Cleaned in Moses Lake

Come to Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. if you do not want a poorly cleaned water oil separator that harms Moses Lake environment instead of protecting it.

We are a highly reputed environmental cleaning company that offers specialized services for cleaning the dirty tanks of water oil separator in Moses Lake industrial facilities.

We strive to deliver the finest possible services and:

  • Work on strict quality standards
  • Hone the skills of our technicians with regular training
  • Use advanced technology & tools to clean water oil separator

If you want your business to enjoy a good public image and steer clear of problems brought on by environmental violations, call us for cleaning water oil separator in your Moses Lake facility today!

Expert Oil Water Separator Cleaning for Facilities in Moses Lakes

Cleaning oil water separators is a tedious, time-consuming job that requires specialized skills and equipment.

That is why facility owners and managers prefer hiring professionals like us offering expert tank pumping services for oil water separator in Moses Lake.

We are fully equipped to take up any big or small oil water separator tank pumping job in Moses Lake and do it exceptionally well. We also assure our customers of:

  • Scheduling their oil water separator tank pumping job quickly
  • Working carefully, respecting their property
  • Competitive pricing

We offer 24/7 services for oil water separator tank pumping in Moses Lake.


Contact Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. at (888) 927-0078 for the finest in oil water separator tank pumping in Moses Lake.

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