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Archive for August 18th, 2016

Regular cleaning of the fuel tanks will not only keep up the quality of the fuel stored in them but will also prolong the life of the tanks. Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. offer high quality fuel tank cleaning service in Ellensburg, WA.

Being an experienced and established company, we always ensure that we provide value-added services to our clients when it comes to fuel tank cleaning. The cost of our fuel tank cleaning procedure depends upon the following factors:

  • Age and size of the tank
  • Type of fuel stored
  • Extent of dirt and sludge
  • Time since it was last cleaned

With us as the company for fuel tank cleaning, you can be assured that you are being served by one of the best companies for diesel storage tank cleaning. We have the required equipment, know-how and staff that can offer confined space entry, a necessity associated with fuel tank cleaning.

What Is Confined Space Entry And How Do You Get Licensed In Ellensburg? 

Confined space entry refers to the narrow entry points that are a feature of most tanks, vessels, pits and chambers. These spaces are big in size and volume but have a narrow inlet making it difficult for humans to enter or stay in them for a long time.

Therefore, the state has made it compulsory for companies offering diesel tank cleaning or fuel tank cleaning to get proper license for confined space entry in Ellensburg. This license is necessary to ensure that companies take adequate steps to protect the workers from accidents or injuries that may occur due to:

  • Excessive heat
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Inflammable atmosphere
  • Toxic vapors or gas

We are the ideal company to choose for diesel tank cleaning as we have the license to carry out confined space entry in Ellensburg.

Why Choose Us For Your Diesel Tank Cleaning Service In Ellensburg? 

When it is about maintaining the quality of fuel and prolonging the life of the tank, you want only the best company to provide diesel tank cleaning service. However, as there might be several companies offering diesel tank cleaning service in Ellensburg, you might be confused. Nevertheless, you can choose us for your diesel tank cleaning as we possess the following qualities:

  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Affordability

Feel free to contact Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. at (888) 927-0078 for any confined space entry service or diesel tank cleaning service in Ellensburg.

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