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Archive for August 25th, 2016

Cleaning of fuel tanks is essential to prolong the life of the tank and keep the fuel quality intact. However as the task involves confined space entry, you must take the help of professional diesel storage tank cleaning companies.

Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. is a professional company that provides high quality fuel tank cleaning service in Gig Harbor, WA. Being a reliable and experienced company, we offer fuel tank cleaning services to remove the following from the tanks:

  • Sludge
  • Scum
  • Corrosive stuff
  • Fungus and bacteria
  • Water

Our fuel tank cleaning procedure is well defined as we follow all guidelines issued by the State in case of confined space entry which is associated with efficient fuel tank cleaning.

What Is Confined Space Entry And How Do You Get Licensed In Gig Harbor? 

Confined space entry refers to entering into narrow spaces such as vessels, tanks, pits and chambers. All these vessels have a narrow entry and exit point and they are unfit for long term human occupancy.

The state has made it mandatory for all companies offering diesel tank cleaning services to get a license for confined space entry.

This license is to ensure that the companies follow the proper security measures to avert any accidents or injuries to workers from the following:

  • Lack of oxygen
  • Toxic fumes and vapors
  • Asphyxiation
  • Inflammable atmosphere

We are the ideal company to choose for fuel tank cleaning as we are licensed and certified to carry out confined space entry services in Gig Harbor. For us, safety of our workers is prime and therefore, we put in all the security measures in place before offering any confined space entry services.

Why Choose Us For Your Diesel Tank Cleaning Service In Gig Harbor? 

Different types of fuel tanks require different type of diesel tank cleaning. Therefore, you cannot choose companies that go for a one-size-fits-all strategy for diesel tank cleaning. We are the perfect company to choose for diesel tank cleaning in Gig Harbor as we:

  • Are experienced
  • Offer cleaning services for all types of tanks
  • Provide customized solutions
  • Use the latest equipment and techniques

You can rely on our well equipped and trained staff for the proper and thorough diesel tank cleaning service in Gig Harbor.

Feel free to contact Certified Cleaning Service, Inc. at (888) 927-0078 for any fuel tank cleaning service in Gig Harbor.

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