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In facilities dealing with chemicals, solvents, acids, petroleum products, etc. on a daily basis, there is no knowing when spills and other accidents might happen. It pays to keep the contact number of emergency environmental cleanup professionals handy.

If you are in Olympia, WA, get in touch with Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. for all your environmental clean-up needs. Our woman-owned environmental cleaning company has been serving the community since 1996.

We offer wide-ranging emergency environmental clean-up services in Olympia. These include:

  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Marine cleaning
  • Silo cleaning
  • Oil spill control

We keep ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide emergency environmental clean-up services in Olympia as soon the need for it comes up.

Rely on Experts for Emergency Environmental Clean-Up in Olympia

It is never advisable to sacrifice quality for speed, especially when it comes to services like environmental clean-up. Rely on us for emergency environmental clean-up services in Olympia that are fast, yet efficient and thorough.

We are conscious of our duty to the client as well as our responsibility towards the environment and the Olympia community. This ensures that we never take any environmental cleaning job lightly.

Making every effort to surpass the highest industry standards in emergency environmental clean-up in Olympia, we:

  • Evaluate the situation quickly and meticulously
  • Consider environmental clean-up options and develop a suitable action plan
  • Put expert technicians on the job with the required equipment
  • Ensure all work is done with full attention to detail

Serving Olympia with Effective Environmental Clean-Up Solutions

Environmental cleaning solutions are no good if these are not effective! Our emergency environmental clean-up services for any Olympia customer do not aim at providing temporary fix to the issue, but look at providing lasting and effective solutions to end the problem.

When you call us for environmental cleaning, expect to receive services that are delivered with utmost:

  • Promptness
  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Dedication

We are foremost trying to update our capabilities and improving the standard of our emergency environmental clean-up services in Olympia. Our technicians are HAZWOPER-trained and take annual refresher courses to hone their skills to match the developments in the field.

We maintain our equipment and fleet of vacuum trucks in top condition.

If you need more information about the emergency environmental cleanup services provided by Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. in the Olympia area, call (888) 927-0078.

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