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An oil spill can cause a great deal of damage both to your company’s image as well as the environment. A timely oil spill clean up in Olympia, WA is crucial to reducing the damage caused by the spill.

Following a spill, call Certified Cleaning Services Inc. for emergency oil spill clean up services in Olympia. Our rapid oil spill clean up response puts all of our industrial expertise to work for you. We offer:

  • Vacuum trucks
  • Tanker vehicles
  • Storage equipment

All our oil cleaning and disposal technicians are HAZPOWER-trained. We are fully equipped to dispatch team and equipment for oil spill clean up anywhere in the Olympia area.

When it comes to oil spill clean up in Olympia, safety is our number one concern. Our safety record is unmatched. We have a reputation for completing oil spill clean up to the highest workmanship and safety standards.

Prompt, Efficient Spill Containment Services in Olympia

Oil spill containment is a serious business. A delayed response can make oil spill containment a costly project. With timely spill containment in Olympia, oil spill can be prevented from entering the local environment through the soil or water channels.

We have the cutting edge equipment specifically designed to handle a wide range of spill containment needs in Olympia. Our trained team can efficiently carry out oil spill containment work in Olympia, helping you save time and money. We deal with:

  • Hazardous material containment
  • Non-hazardous spill containment
  • Tank overflows
  • Leaking drums
  • Facility releases

Why Choose us for Spill Control in Olympia?

No one wants to experience an oil spill. While industrial facilities take measures to prevent oil spills, the fact is, they do occur. You need to be prepared with the best spill control team in Olympia ready to respond, 24/7.

Our technicians have the skills and equipment necessary to ensure a quality oil spill control in Olympia. We provide rapid response to oil spill control needs in Olympia to protect the people, property and the environment from damaging effects of environmentally hazardous substances. Our spill control services include:

  • Site safety assessment
  • Oil spills of any size
  • Disposal of contamination
  • 24/7 emergency response

To find out more about our oil spill control services in the Olympia area, give Certified Cleaning Services Inc. a call on 888.927.0078.

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