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When you need urgent as well as effective spill control services in Moses Lake, WA, get in touch with Certified Cleaning Services, Inc.

Active in the environmental cleaning industry since 1996, our company has the experience and resources to provide top-notch emergency spill control services in Moses Lake for all types of situations.

Whether there has been a major industrial disaster or a minor chemical/oil spill, our clients can expect us to be up to the challenge and tackle the problem efficiently.

We provide emergency spill control services in Moses Lake for a diverse clientele that includes:

  • Petroleum companies
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Transportation companies
  • Ports and harbors
  • Government agencies

24-Hour Service for Emergency Spill Control in Moses Lake Facilities

The focus of our emergency spill response for Moses Lake facilities is on minimizing the disastrous effects from the spilling of hazardous material on human, animal, plant and environment health in the community.

This also helps us minimize the liability of our clients, saving them from costly environmental violations.

Hazardous spills need to be controlled and cleaned-up at the earliest. That is the reason we offer 24-hour emergency spill control services in the Moses Lake area.

We have an emergency spill response team in place, ready to be dispatched at a short notice.

Our service trucks are kept well-maintained, well-equipped and properly-stocked, prepared to leave immediately for emergency spill control in Moses Lake facilities.

Businesses can rest assured that we will always take care of their accidental spills with emergency spill control services that are:

  • Timely
  • Efficient
  • Well-managed
  • Thorough and reliable

Reliable Emergency Spill Response in Moses Lake

There are three keys to reliable and successful emergency spill response in the Moses Lake area. These are:

  • Quick response
  • Expert analysis
  • Appropriate and fast action

Facility owners and managers can count on us for world-class emergency spill control services in Moses Lake that contain their petroleum, chemical or oil spills effectively.

Our personnel and equipment are always kept in readiness to rush to the aid of the client. The emergency spill response technicians that we send over have trained for 40-80 hours in HAZWOPER, with yearly refresher courses.

Our spill control experts rapidly evaluate the situation, develop a suitable response plan and execute it with precision.

All the while, they make sure all work is done in compliance with the local and federal codes.

Call 888-927-0078 for emergency spill response from Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. in Moses Lake.

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