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Industrial facilities in Ellensburg, WA that work with dangerous chemicals, oils and petroleum products can sometimes experience the problem of industrial or marine spills. These spills often result from human carelessness, but may happen accidently as well.

Whatever reason for the spill, no time should be lost in hiring effective emergency spill control services available in Ellensburg. Chemical and oil spills tend to have some immediate as well as long-term damaging impacts, such as:

  • Soil contamination
  • Water pollution
  • Health problems for humans
  • Property damage
  • Create accidental hazards on the property

That is why any delay in calling for emergency spill control services in Ellensburg is unthinkable.

If you have a spill problem that you want resolved quickly and effectively, Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. is one of the best sources you have for emergency spill control services in the Ellensburg area.

Trained Experts for Emergency Spill Control in Ellensburg

Calling us for emergency spill control services assures Ellensburg businesses of the attention of professionals that they can trust.

We are staffed by highly knowledgeable, trained and experienced spill control experts know their job well. They:

  • Understand the hazards created by oil and chemical spills
  • Are aware of the correct spill response procedures to tackle the problem
  • Appreciate the need for work diligently to ensure proper spill cleanup
  • Have the training and commitment to do a good spill control job

Moreover, they are adequately supported by our company with all the advanced equipment necessary for complete and thorough emergency spill control in Ellensburg.

Oil spills can create very hazardous, daunting and stressful situations. But, when our trained specialists come on the scene, quick and seamless spill cleanup is always in order.

24-Hour Spill Response in the Ellensburg Area

Industrial or marine spill can happen any time and whenever it does, it demands immediate spill control measures.

We realize that spill response cannot be restricted to convenient business hours and therefore, offer 24-hour emergency spill control services in the Ellensburg area.

Get in touch with us as soon as you discover the spill problem. We are committed to resolving your issue in the shortest possible time and assure you of:

  • Immediate response to your call
  • Quick dispatch of spill response team to your Ellensburg facility
  • Fast spill control work to limit the damage and end the problem


Faced with unmanageable industrial or marine spills in Ellensburg? Do not stress; just call Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. at (888) 927-0078 for emergency spill cleanup.

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