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Hazardous waste spills at your facility are not something to taken lightly. You need to deal with them quickly with the right cleanup solutions if you do not want the spillage to cause land or water pollution, harm the ecosystem, create a safety hazard for your employees or property, violate environmental regulations and burden you with municipal penalties.

While DIY environmental cleanup is out to question, you should not even make the mistake of calling in any neighborhood environmental company for the job.  You must make sure to get the required environmental cleaning services in Bellingham, WA only from a company that has:

  • Relevant experience
  • Suitably trained manpower
  • High-tech equipment for the cleanup

You cannot go wrong if you call up Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. for environmental cleaning services in Bellingham. Our company has been handling environmental and industrial cleanup jobs since 1996, building up a reputation for high-quality services.

Environmental Cleaning Solutions in Bellingham

We are full-service environmental cleanup contractors. Besides containing and cleaning up hazardous spills, we offer our expert services for oil tank cleaning, silo cleaning, marine oil transfers, industrial cleaning, waste handling & disposal, and more.

Our wide-ranging environmental cleaning services are available in Bellingham for a multitude of businesses and organizations. Whether you need professional help with environmental cleanup in an oil/chemical/petroleum facility, construction site, manufacturing facility, marine vessel, municipal storage yard, hotel or auto dealership, we are the experts to call.

We respond to your request for environmental cleanup with well-equipped technicians who come to the job with:

  • Rigorous HAZWOPER training
  • Full understanding of the seriousness of the situation
  • Knowledge of the applicable local codes
  • Capabilities for handling the challenges in the job
  • Commitment to protecting your best interests

Bellingham 24-Hour Spill Response and Environmental Cleaning

We make our accessible round-the-clock for environmental cleaning in Bellingham. Though some environmental or industrial cleaning services can be pre-scheduled, most of the times these services are required at a very short notice.

At our company, we are ready 24/7 to rush out to deliver spill control and environmental cleaning services to our clients right when they need. You can depend on us for prompt response to your call, followed by environmental cleanup that is done:

  • Without cutting corners
  • With keen attention to detail
  • In the most suitable and highly professional manner

Call Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. to know more about its environmental cleaning services in the Bellingham area. Reach us at (206) 457-2528.

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