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Marine containers and ships require cleaning when they are in dock or dry port. Marine cleaning for containers and ships keep them in good shape, enhancing their use and longevity. Marine cleaning incorporates variety of services, including:

• Marine cleaning provides hydro jetting
• Marine cleaning aims to remove waste
• Marine cleaning eradicates rust and erosion
• Marine cleaning removes sludge from ships
• Marine cleaning provides confined space clearing

Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. aims at providing marine cleaning services in Tri-Cities, WA. With an experience of over 40 years, we have emerged as a reliable marine cleaning company in Tri-Cities. Whether you need marine cleaning for ships or for marine vessels of any size and shape, we offer precise marine cleaning services. The trained technicians operating in our Ballard marine cleaning company ensure to take all safety precautions while delivering marine cleaning services.

Skilful Marine Cleaning Services for Tri-Cities Residents

Marine cleaning services are vital for Tri-Cities ships and vessels as these services completely clean and remove debris and corrosion from the same. When realizing the need for marine cleaning services, it is vital to count on professional marine cleaning company in Tri-Cities for positive results.

Holding an experience of over a decade, we are the dependable marine cleaning company you can bring the need for marine cleaning services to in Tri-Cities. With a team of experienced marine cleaning experts, we deliver the following in Tri-Cities:

• Affordable marine cleaning services
• Latest marine cleaning services
• Complete marine cleaning services
• Diligent marine cleaning services
• Dedicated marine cleaning services

Reliable Marine Cleaning in Tri-Cities

Marine cleaning is necessary in the port city of Tri-Cities. Since prolonged exposure to water can affect your Tri-Cities ships, barges and vessels, marine cleaning can help keep them in good shape. Realizing the need for marine cleaning, if you are seeking professional service, count on an experienced marine cleaning company in Tri-Cities.

Providing quality marine cleaning services, we have earned the reputation of being a trusted marine cleaning company in Tri-Cities. Employing trained, skilled and well-qualified technicians, we have turned out to be:

• Suitable marine cleaning services
• Professional marine cleaning company
• Successful marine cleaning company
• Cost effective marine cleaning company
• Trustworthy marine cleaning company

To choose Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. as your marine cleaning company in Tri-Cities, call at 888-927-0078.





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