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For industries and companies involved in using oil and oil based products, transferring oil from the land based trucks to marine vessels is essential. However, this is not simple and needs expertise. Choose a company that is well versed with such services and can provide the transfer of oil from the ships to the trucks and vice versa.

Give a call to Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. for efficient services related to marine oil transfers in Seattle, WA. Being an efficient and experienced company, we have been offering marine mobile oil transfers since a long time now. We offer marine oil transfers for Seattle companies, ensuring the following:

  • Prevention of oil pollution
  • Proper collection and reclamation of oil
  • Disposal of oily wastes properly

Since 1997 our operations manual and emergency response plan with respect to marine oil transfers have been approved by the United States Coast Guard. These are regularly renewed and approved yearly ensuring proper services.

Oil Transfers Seattle

Adequate preparation must be done prior to the actual transfer of the oil. A professional company that has been offering these services will be perfect for the job as they have all the resources to complete the process efficiently.

Rely on us for marine mobile oil transfers in Seattle as we have been catering to these requirements since a long time now. You can trust us for the marine mobile oil transfers as we ensure the following:

  • Safe transfer of oil
  • Emergency response in case of any spills
  • Effective communication between workers

Any case of spills or accidents must be taken care of immediately. We, being in this industry for a long time now fully understand the urgency of the situation and act responsibly. We put in all our efforts and follow the checklist to avoid any such situation. However, if there is an accident, we act immediately to contain it.

Marine Mobile Oil Transfers Seattle

When initiating any marine mobile oil transfers, we ensure that the location of the transfer is appropriate as not all locations can be used for the purpose. There are certain factors that need to be considered in this regard and we take care of them diligently.

Offering marine mobile oil transfers in Seattle, we ensure that the location of the transfer is:

  • Carefully chosen
  • Environmentally and fire safe
  • Allowed legally for such purposes

We have trained personnel and heavy duty equipment to carry out the requried marine oil transfers.

Get in touch with Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. at (206) 457-2528 for the required marine oil transfers in Seattle.

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