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A number of industrial processes involve working with oils, petroleum products and hydraulic fluids. As a result, the facilities in Moses Lake, WA where such processes are a matter of routine give out wastewater mixed with oily waste.

The law requires such facilities to maintain an oil/water separator to segregate grease from the wastewater that is afterwards discharged into the municipal sewers.

The separator needs periodic cleaning and maintenance to keep working efficiently. Professional oil/water separator services are hired by Moses Lake businesses to get this important job done.

Here, at Certified Cleaning Services, Inc., we offer oil/water separator services in Moses Lake as a part of our vast array of environment cleaning services.

We are a company that is commitment to utmost excellence in all its work and assure its Moses Lake clients of having their oil/water separators cleaned by technicians with:

  • Thorough training in oil/water separator tank pumping
  • Years of experience in providing oil/water separator services
  • Access to cutting-edge equipment for oil/water separator tank pumping

Benefits of Oil/Water Separator Tank Pumping in Moses Lake Facilities

Having oil/water separator tank pumping done in any Moses Lake facility is no good if it is not made an on-going process. The tank pumping is done to clean the sand, oil residues and other debris that settles down on the floor of the separator tank over time.

Calling us for timely oil/water separator tank pumping in Moses Lake facilities allows the equipment to work at optimum efficiency. Our meticulous tank pumping and cleaning:

  • Ensures proper separation of oil and water
  • Makes sure the business does not attract penalty for environmental violation
  • Enhances lifespan of the separator

Oil Water Separator Cleaning for Diverse Clientele in Moses Lake

Our oil/water separator tank pumping services are available in Moses Lake for businesses of all types and sizes. The diverse clientele that we cater to include:

  • Vehicle repair shops
  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Metal processing units
  • Fuel stations

Any business that is conscious of its legal, social and environmental responsibilities, and utilizes an oil/water separator is welcome to engage our technicians for pumping and cleaning the equipment.

We work on all big and small jobs with equal sincerity, determined to provide nothing less than the finest in oil/water separator services to every Moses Lake customer.

Get in touch with Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. to know how its superior oil/water separator services can help your Moses Lake business. Dial 888-927-0078 to talk to our technician.

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