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Many industrial plants are increasingly becoming concerned with achieving safe environmental performance, by controlling the impact of their products, services and activities on the environment.

Due to stringent legislations as well as a concern for the environmental issues, protecting Ellensburg, WA from industrial plants has become extremely important.

Certified Cleaning Service, Inc. is an environmental company dedicated to protecting Ellensburg from industrial plants.

Our commitment to protecting Ellensburg from industrial plants has led us to protect provide a full range of professional environmental services, by using the latest technologies with excellent customer service.

Our team has one of the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians in the industry who have a genuine concern for our customers, community and the environment.

We perform a range of environmental services for protecting Ellensburg from industrial plants, such as:

  • Confined Space Cleaning
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Silos and Bulk Storage Tanks Cleaning

Professional Industrial Cleaning Services for the Ellensburg area

Our industrial cleaning services in Ellensburg include everything from water blasting to tank cleaning.

Since industrial cleaning in Ellensburg often involves working in confined spaces and explosive zones, we utilize the right kind of clothing and equipment to perform the task to the highest industry standards while ensuring the safety of our team.

Industrial cleaning in Ellensburg is crucial to preventing a wide range of dangers associated with:

  • Inhalation of fumes
  • Chemicals and biological hazards
  • Exposure to toxic particles

Why Choose Our Marine & Industrial Cleaning Services in Ellensburg?

Since 1996, we have been offering industrial cleaning services in the Ellensburg area. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation as one of the leading environmental companies.

Our knowledge in the environmental field is unparalleled. Our team constantly undergoes 40 to 80 hours training in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER).

All of our industrial and marine cleaning services are complemented by our ability to transport and dispose of hazardous materials safely and efficiently.

Our diverse capabilities and extensive experience continue have enabled us to provide solutions for projects of all sizes.

We also have 24-hour emergency response team offering expert solutions in situations involving chemical spills. We help in:

  • Providing quality, cost-effective cleaning solutions
  • Protecting Ellensburg from industrial plants
  • Ensuring human health and environmental safety

We would be glad to evaluate your marine and industrial cleaning needs in Ellensburg and provide you with high quality solutions at reasonable prices. Contact Certified Cleaning Service, Inc. at (888) 927-0078.

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