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Virtually any silo or storage vessel can experience clogging or blockage with virtually any kind of material, whether it is cement, grain, chemical or coal.  With regular silo cleaning in Olympia, WA, you not only reduce waste but also avoid breakdowns and downtime.

Certified Cleaning Service, Inc has years of experience in providing safe, reliable silo cleaning services in the Olympia area. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for resolving even the worst blockage issues, preventing lost storage capacity and costly down-time.

Our HAZWOPER-trained technicians will solve your silo problems using cutting edge technology that eliminates human entry and ensures a superior quality silo cleaning in Olympia. We offer:

  • Superior workmanship
  • High safety standards
  • Complete satisfaction

Silo Maintenance Services in the Olympia Area

Certain materials stick to silo walls, developing buildups and blockages. These blockages can significantly minimize the efficiency of your silos which can delay production and dispatch. These blockages can also affect the storage capacity of your silos, leading to costly downtime due to unforeseen shutdowns and loss of unrecoverable product.

In few cases, untreated blockages can also lead to fatal accidents. With regular silo maintenance in Olympia, you can maintain clean and continuous operating conditions in silos.

We are the leading provider of silo maintenance services in the Olympia area to help keep your silos working in peak condition. No two silos are the same. That is why we customize our silo maintenance services to meet your unique needs and budget.

Our silo maintenance services deliver highly effective results even in the largest silos. We offer silo maintenance using:

  • Vacuum Truck
  • Water Blasting
  • Confined Space Entry

Why Choose us for Silo Cleaning in Olympia?

We can clean build-up and blockages in many different types of silos, restoring the flow back to normal. . We do not limit the materials in silos. Our team offers silo cleaning solutions to all types of silos and materials in Olympia. We can clean:

  • Hoppers
  • Flat bottom silos
  • Conic bottom silos

Our business success depends on the strong relationships that we have developed with our customers over many years. We strive to meet and exceed client expectations in professionalism, safety, and satisfaction. Let our silo cleaning services in Olympia free up your in-house team and equipment to focus on more productive tasks.

Call Certified Cleaning Service, Inc on 888.927.0078 to find out more about our silo maintenance and cleaning services in Olympia.

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