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Among the many hazards that can happen in industrial facilities in Moses Lake, WA is oil or chemical spills. These spills can endanger human health, property and the environment.

It is imperative that spill control in the Moses Lake facility is initiated as soon as possible. Equally, if not more, important is to ensure that the spill response is professional, effective and reliable.

This is where Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. comes in. We are a leading environmental and industrial cleaning company that is reputed for extending high quality services for spill control in Moses Lake.

With our vast experience in the industry, we know all that efficient spill control comes from a combination of:

  • Trained technicians
  • Well-developed spill response plans
  • The right spill containment and control equipment

Our spill control services for Moses Lake businesses include all these to ensure a lasting solution to resolve the spillage problem of our customers.

Comprehensive Spill Containment Solutions in Moses Lake

Often spill kits are used to clean up spilled solvents, hydrocarbons, organic liquids and corrosive chemicals. However, the usage of these kits presents some restrictions because of their limited capacity.

We offer spill containment services for Moses Lake businesses in need of better and more effective solution to deal with the spillage situation.

Our technicians work with wide-ranging spill containment systems to stop spilt liquids from getting into drains. The high quality products that we use for spill containment in Moses Lake facilities include:

  • Berms
  • Spill decks
  • Containment sumps
  • IBC spill pallets
  • Drum spill pallets

Depend on Us for Emergency Spill Response in Moses Lake

Time is of the essence in spill control services. The spillage tends to become worse with every passing minute; delay in spill response can cause the Moses Lake facility irreparable damage and loss.

Recognizing this, we offer 24-hour spill response in Moses Lake. We keep our emergency response teams prepared to go out for spill containment and control at a short notice.

A fleet of fully-equipped vacuum trucks is also kept ready to handle any spill emergency, day or night. Our emergency spill response across Moses Lake allows spill cleanup to be done well in time and:

  • Saves clients from potential fines
  • Prevents environment damage
  • Minimizes ill-effects of the spills

Trust Certified Cleaning Services, Inc. for quick and professional spill control and spill containment services in Moses Lake. Call 888-927-0078 to schedule services of our spill response team.

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